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Place more detailed information about your product here or use it as a way to box off new ideas, proof of income, a video, a sign up form, a tell-a-friend form, an eCourse, or order form. Simply copy this box to add more modules or forms.


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This is an example of how you would use the component box as an order form or signup form along with the tick boxes.


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Below are a selection of package images, binders, CDs, boxes and hard book covers which are located in your /banners folder. Use them to decorate your sales page but also as resources for your affiliates! Larger images are available in the /banners folder.












These animated banners are available in your /banners folder. Use them as resources for your affiliates so they can promote your product. The following banners are saved as GIF, higher quality static JPG banners are available in your /banners folder.

animated banner animated banner animated banner

animated banner

animated banner

animated banner animated banner animated banner