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"Your wealth is in the wealth of your knowledge. Transform your uncommon wisdom into uncommon wealth because nobody has your unique experience. Turn your thinking process into your word processor. Then take your packaged information to the marketplace where your good ideas make the cash register ring." -Uzo Onukwugha

The task of getting niche product ideas is difficult. However, there are some fresh product ideas that can provide you a stepping stone to move forward. Hence, you should start by taking into consideration the obvious which is that every individual is confronted with problems. This is from where you can get your first product.  People are always engaged in one problem or the other in their lives. Solving their problems will be the successful objective of yours. Hence, what you need to do is come up with the unique product ideas that can provide relief to their problems.

If the aforementioned task is demanding, then the next idea that you can think of is the latest trends that have taken center stage in the market place.  To update yourself with the latest trends, you can take the assistance from the internet, television, magazines and newspapers. Once you become aware of the newest and hottest developments in the market place, you are in a better position to invent a product that is associated with the existing trend.

Moreover, another idea from which you can create a niche product or products is exploring the old product/s.  All you have to do is catch any old product, analyze its features and performances and to which segment it is targeted at, and identifies its weaknesses.  The next step would be to come up with the ways though which the old product can be improved, modified or enhanced. Finally, give it a new brand name along with the novel features and promote it in the market.

Furthermore, there can be another idea whereby you create a niche for your product that is entirely different from the previous targeted market. The development of this niche requires experience and a great knowledge of the different brands in the market. When you have a separate niche for your product, it will automatically make it easy for you to differentiate your product from the regular products and would be highly valued in this new segment.

The other idea that can be capitalized is by adding related products to the existing product/s. For example, if you product is a mobile phone, you can add related items like blue-tooth, headphone and body covers to it.  With innovative packaging, you can experience in sales of your product.

Apart from the major ideas mentioned above, there are ideas that can be looked upon such as making renovation in a mature product by make changes in its design. Moreover, you can engage yourself with the consumers in order to know their likes and dislikes and what new features they desire in a product. This will further give you ideas about your niche products.