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  Can You Create a Webinar That Works?  

Visualize this – Today is the day that you are going to be rolling out your latest social networking service. You have been preparing for this meeting all week. It’s a full house – you have filled your registration. You go into your office, close the door, and sit down. A couple of mouse clicks and you are in virtual space ready to make your presentation via webinar. That is the world we live in. Not all webinars are created equal so let’s look at a few ways to create webinars that work.

Inspire Your Audience
Webinars are becoming very popular across industries. If you have done webinars already, that’s great but how well have you done them? Most of us can manage a basic webinar, but creating one that is effective is a much different story. You can drone on and on about your product or service but that’s not going to accomplish what you want. You need to engage your audience, get them to participate, and inspire your audience.

Start With Your Introductions
When you use a webinar, you can be creative in how you deliver your message to your audience. You can use video, run presentations, sing, brainstorm, draw, or do whatever it is you want. Always start your webinars with introductions. Let those that are present say hello to those attending the webinar.

Plan to Engage
The most successful webinars are able to engage their audience in a format that is interesting and easy to follow. Participants feel like they are included and participating. Some webinar software will allow you to let audience members ask questions, share experiences, and provide their viewpoint. You can change how your audience receives information by changing the methods you use to present it. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what your audience is most receptive to – videos, flowcharts, photos, live products, etc.

Encourage Feedback
Strategically throughout the webinar and at the end of the webinar make sure you invite your audience to ask questions that they have. Stay a bit after the webinar ends – some of your audience will stay to have any remaining questions answered. This provides an opportunity for all who have participated to have a final word with you.

In summary, if you engage, inspire, encourage, and connect with your audience you will have a successful webinar. Now are you ready to bring webinars into your business plan?