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  Effective Ways to Run a Successful Webinar  

There are all kinds of webinars – some are much better than others.  Let’s look at four effective ways to run a successful webinar.

#1 Prior to Making Your Introductions “Hook” the Audience
Begin the webinar with a fascinating revelation or a compelling point about your product, service, skills, and/or ability. This is the ‘hook’ that will draw your audience in – when you introduce yourself, they will be ready to listen. Before you worry about giving your audience your name and position, they need a reason to listen to you. So start with a question that grabs their attention or a hard fact that commands attention and then make your introductions.

#2 Keep the Human Element in Mind
It would be nice to think your audience will show up on time and ready for the webinar, but the truth is the ‘human element’ will likely mean that people are late or don’t show at all because they overbook. If you book your webinar to start fifteen minutes before it will start you will catch the late arrivers. You can also invite attendees to pre-check in using a link you provide. When planning your webinar keep in mind the human element and account for it.

#3 Know What Network Resources are Available
It is common for small companies to have limited network resources available to them so it may take some advance preparation and notice to make sure your webinar is a success. Inform coworkers of the webinar and ask them to not use the bandwidth during that time until your webinar is completed. If it is a home office, do your presentation when there are no family members using the bandwidth.

#4 Remember to Capture Your Audiences Attention
Many times those who are going to attend a webinar will show up a couple of minutes early. If you are perceptive, you will make use of this time. Provide slides, important links, even short demonstrations that provide the early arrivals with important and relevant information that they will be interested in knowing.

These four ways are effective in helping you to run a successful webinar and a great way to get yourself started. The better your webinar the better your attendance and the better your success at achieving your long-term goal. Understanding all of the components of webinars is very important. Now is a great time to get started.