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  Tips to Successful Webinar Hosting  

Webinars have become very popular. However, not all webinars are created equal. These 8 tips will help you create a successful webinar.

#1 Choose Who Hosts Your Webinar Carefully
All the different webinar hosting vendors are not the same. Make sure you choose a webinar host that will work with numerous operating systems and is scalable and reliable. You should also look for a vendor that has experience in the most current techniques in polling, application sharing, recording, and chatting. Some of the vendors also offer targeted opt-in email lists that come bundled with their webinar hosting service.

#2 When You Chose Your Webinar Date and Time of Use Caution
Plan your webinar so that it works with a number of time zones. Mondays and Fridays are bad because attendance is generally lower. Start your webinar 15 minutes after the hour and end it on the hour. Optimal times are 10 am and 2 pm.

#3 Do You Need a Meeting Consultant?
Some of the webinar host vendors offer meeting consultants as part of their service, who will educate you on how to construct a webinar that’s successful, best practices, and also be available during your webinar to help you if issues arise. Have a meeting moderator to aid your speaker(s).

#4 Quality Content is Key
Take the time to develop top-notch content. Invite industry experts to participate, which will drive up interest and participation. See if you can hook a brand name partner. Remember more information isn’t always better – too much and your listeners lose interest. Make sure your slides and ample white space for ease of read.

#5 Don’t Use Just PowerPoint
PowerPoint is good, but to really captivate your audience you should use multimedia – flash, animation, web demos, and photos can all keep your presentation much more interesting and engaging.

#6 Webinar Etiquette
Join your webinar early and make sure that all the links are working and all presentations are in place. Have a welcome slide that notifies your audience that your meeting will begin shortly. Prior to starting your meeting cover, any housekeeping items such as how Q&A will be handled.

#7 Conduct a Before and After Survey
During the registration process, ask qualifying questions to help to gain insight into who your audience is. You can then build your presentation according to your audience. After ask questions like “What did you like the best about the webinar.”

#8 Record the Webinar
You should always record your webinar and the post it on your website so that it can be viewed by others later. It’s good if you can build a library of your webinars for your current and potential customers.