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If your business depends on driving high volumes of targeted traffic to your website to increase your sales, you should think about joining Pinterest. The early research has shown Pinterest is actually more effective at driving traffic to websites than other social media sites. In fact, it seems it is even more effective than Facebook. So you can begin to see why you might want to pay attention to what it is Pinterest has to offer.

Let’s look at some traffic examples. Kate Bryan, a blogger, started to pin her work, which resulted in more than 10 million page views. It also resulted in her receiving 16,000 new blog subscribers. Warbly Parker, an eyeglass retailer, says they get 18% of their traffic from Twitter, which they have been using for a long time, and Pinterest, which is relatively new, is close behind at 11%. Finally Time Inc. Real Simple magazine received more traffic from Pinterest than it did from Facebook. Is that enough proof that you should be looking to Pinterest for at least some of your marketing needs.

Pinterest is showing itself to be a real challenge to a number of social media channels that in the past had bragging rights to being able to drive the most traffic to a website. If you are serious about bringing large volumes of targeted traffic to your site, you need to join Pinterest.

If you use the ‘Pin It Button’ on your pages, it means that each of your pins will link back to the page where the link initiated from. This means you can quickly gain hundreds of links. Now don’t confuse these with links you would use for your SEO strategy. These are ‘no follow links’ so they don’t directly affect your SEO ratings. However, those links provide a significant amount of marketing value because they introduce pinners to your content, when they visit your pages. In addition, you will get repins, which will spread your traffic reach at a speed no other social media has been able to do.

Shortly, Pinterest is going to be contributing to lead generation. This part of Pinterest is in its infancy, but many of the marketing professionals believe it won’t be long before this changes. Wise marketers are going to sign up for Pinterest early and by the time most of the world is first recognizing the potential it has to offer, you can be miles ahead of the competition.