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  Twitter Tactics to Benefit Your Business  

Many people come to Twitter in hopes of improving your business and bringing more traffic to your website. Let’s look at some Twitter tactics that can benefit your business.

1. Display your Twitter profile on your website(s) and blog(s) with a Twitter button. Add it to your email and any other communications you have. The more you promote your Twitter profile the more relevant people will follow you and the stronger your client becomes. It’s also a great way to quickly update all your clients.

2. Track your leads by creating a private leads profile. Then let your sales team have access to this information and make sure they are notified when a new lead comes in.

3. Take advantage of the centralized brainstorming. You can create a new project where employees can exchange thoughts and ideas. It’s quick and easy!

4. You can easily do custom research on Twitter to get thoughts on new product or service offerings. Find out which products and/or services are popular. In not time you can have powerful useful data for your company.

5. A lot of time gets wasted trying to deal with email. It’s no surprise to receive hundreds of emails in a day. You can use Twitter to send and receive short email messages. Twitter has a limit of 140 character emails but you can say a lot in that number of space.

6. You can use Twitter to promote seminars, webinars, and new product education. It’s a tool that is not always leveraged to its full capability.

7. Use Twitter to centralize your business information. You can create a private Twitter profile where you can upload monthly goals, website traffic data, the latest sales figures, and information for managers and staff. It’s as convenient as having a Blackberry at your side.

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that is underutilized. Those who recognize the power of Twitter build solid and targeted traffic to their website. You too can incorporate Twitter into your marketing and enjoy the benefits.