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  Is Foursquare Right for Your Business  

Are you the mayor of your favorite pub or restaurant? If you were a Foursquare user, you might be. Foursquare is a social media site that’s location based and it is also a game for mobile phones. It is currently taking the mobile world by storm, just like Facebook and Twitter have done in the past.

Foursquare rewards users when then check in by granting them the status of “mayor” when they are the user who checks in the most to those premises. The user holds that position of mayor until someone else checks in more than they have.

According to the founder of Foursquare, it is adding more than 15,000 new users daily. Foursquare is transforming itself into one of the major social media players, and as a result business owners are now asking, “what can it do for me? Stick around and find out.

The Foursquare app integrates social media with real world, which makes it an excellent tool for brick and mortar businesses. The competitive edge keeps bringing new users onboard because users like the challenge and the fun it offers.

Users record their location and this means that friends can tell if they are near each other. But it also offers an opportunity for businesses to send out messages with promotions and even free offerings to anyone that is in their region. So the users are having fun playing the game while business owners are indentifying loyal customers and rewarding them.

Let’s look at an example of a business using Foursquare successfully. One of Diesel’s marketing campaigns was called “Faces of Stupid,” and they did an excellent job of integrating Foursquare into that promotion. Visitors to the Diesel store picked up a sticker that read “Be Stupid.” They then placed the sticker on themselves and sent the picture and a stupid story to Diesel’s website. Those that entered had a chance at winning big prizes.

Foursquare users that were within a 3-block radius were shown the promotion taking place at the store and when they checked in at the Diesel store they were presented with a special t-shirt just for Foursquare users. They saw a significant increase in the number of people that came into the store. They really did know how to truly capture the power of Foursquare as a marketing tool.

Your business is unique and so you need to think about how you can use Foursquare to optimize your location marketing. The Diesel example proves just how well it can work when how to use it is fully understood. One thing is for certain - Foursquare is right for every business!

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Discover How You Can Increase Your Social Media Presence, Create Unique Content, Build a Bigger Audience, and Sell Your Products and Services With Ease [...]


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