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  Membership Websites and the Myths Behind Them  

Right now, membership websites are one of the hottest sites being launched. There’s no question that they offer an excellent revenue opportunity. However, there are some myths that just don’t seem to go away, and as a result people like you are missing opportunities to create an excellent income stream.

One myth is that you need to be an expert in whatever you are selling on your membership website. This is a common myth and it is simply not true. If you think you won’t be able to sell anything because you don’t have the expertise, you are thinking like many others. Why not consider offering DVDs, books, audio or video presentations,webinars, etc. where another person has the expertise and has created highly valuable material that you can implement into your membership website without ever being an expert.

Another common myth is that you will need to be constantly creating content forever. There are actually two models that are used for building membership websites. One is the unlimited content model, which works best when there is a real need for an infinite amount of content on a specific topic. In this model you will have to keep adding new content to your site. However, the more common model if the fixed term model where you offer limited content such as a training course with a begin date and an end date. You will create your content and then use it over again repeatedly. You may have to d some small modifications but that’s it. This is by far the most popular website.

Finally, the last myth that we see often is the worry of too much content on their site.  It’s funny because it’s completely inaccurate. Mostly the people that claim that it takes too much content are the lazy ones who just don’t have the energy to put the site together - period. And the other group that spreads this falasy is the meticulous website owner who wants it all perfect. It’s really quite simple. Put as much content as you need to share your message.

Membership websites require some work, like all websites do. But what’s unique here is that you can build an income stream every month with minimal involvement or work on your part. Now what’s not to like about that? So what are you waiting for? Toss out those myths and get busy.

Format For A Big Membership

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 41 Minutes Audio Training [...]


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