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Format For A Big Membership
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  Use Articles to Add Value to Your Membership Site  

If you have created a membership site in an effort to tap into the constant revenue flow, you aren’t alone. In fact, membership websites are one of the fastest growing business opportunities online. Your membership site is only going to be successful if you can get memberships to sign up and to continue with their memberships. To do this you’ll need to offer value to your members and one tool you can use is to use articles to add value.

If your membership website is based on your own expertise, rather than having your members have to search throughout the internet for your articles and reports, why not make sure that they are all available within your site. Your articles likely contain a great deal of information that your members are looking for, and they will be pleased to find these all in one easy location.

You can regularly add new articles to your site, whether written by you or someone else. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your articles.
* Article Structure – Your articles need to be easy for your members to read. This can be done by creating small paragraphs, using lists, using bold headings, lots of white space, and creating a format that is easy for to read.
* Length – You want your articles short and easy to get through. Members are pressed for time and they are impatient, and if your article looks too long, they will simple bypass what you have to offer. It’s true members are more prepared for longer content but statistics show that shorter still gets read more than longer, so use common sense when you are creating content.
* Topic – Your topics should be related to your site or compliment what your site is all about. You have targeted your traffic by turning them into members and therefore they are looking for content that is related to that membership. Keep this in mind when you are writing your articles.

Articles are an easy way to add new content to your website on a regular basis. All websites should be fluid and have new information made available, but this is especially true with paid membership websites where the expectations are that much higher. Articles are one tool that you can use along with others such as videos, audio presentations, downloads, manuals, and so much more. Your membership site has the potential to generate a continuous revenue stream for you, so take advantage of it!

Format For A Big Membership

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 41 Minutes Audio Training [...]


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