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  What Content Should be on Your Membership Site  

One of the appealing things about the internet is the free content. It brings a lot of people to the internet. However, don’t mind paying for quality content that is useful and fills a specific niche or need. That’s why membership sites have become so popular.

Membership sites charge a fee that’s considered reasonable, which provides content that is valuable, viewable to members, and is sometimes downloadable too. Membership sites setup correctly can make money and continue to grow their membership base, leading to generation of repeat revenue.  

If you have been thinking about setting up a members, only site or you already have a membership website, but you are struggling with what content should be on your membership site. There are many ways to generate ideas - let’s look at some.

Your Area of Expertise
One great place to dig up some ideas for content on your membership website is to look at your area of expertise. A great place for information is expertise in any of these areas - sales, public relations, marketing, training, technology, etc. Any of those fields of expertise can bring interesting information to the site that members will want to read.

Your Job
Sure not all jobs will work, but many will be able to offer some great information that can help members and keep them interested. Perhaps you create all kinds of documents with your job such as training manuals, or presentations. You could share some of that information with your members. You could crease a short video on YouTube, or an audio tutorial. You can share information that can help others by creating a membership site related to those job skills. If there is value, members will pay to get that value.

Your Hobbies
Next to your job and your expertise, your hobbies are a great place to find interesting ideas and information to share with your members. You can share special skills and knowledge that can help your members. Do you fly model airplanes, do acrylic painting, build robots? It doesn’t matter what it is your hobby is, if you are particularly good at it and have plenty of helpful information to offer; then people with that interest will gladly pay a monthly membership fee to get that information.

If you want your membership site to be a success and generate revenue, you need to create a ‘one stop shopping,’ environment for your members so that you are offering them something of value and interest regularly in your content.

Format For A Big Membership

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 41 Minutes Audio Training [...]


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