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Affiliate marketing is a great way to add an income stream to your bottom line. However, it takes more than just choosing an affiliate and selling. Not every person who chooses to become an affiliate program does well, so the more you learn the more likely you are to be successful. These 4 practical affiliate marketing tips are a great place to start. 

1. Email Marketing
You may not yet be aware of this but your key to income streaming and making good money is in your list. Then again, you may already know this. Your email marketing list should always be growing. The best way to do this is, is to have an opt in form on your site or blog. Bait people to sign up – offer them a free e-book, a webinar, a monthly newsletter, etc. Make them want to give you their e-mail addresses. As you grow your list you will have more potential customers at your finger tips and these customers are already targeted. Don’t however make the mistake of overwhelming your subscribers with products that you are selling. You need to minimize this and build trust, occasionally throwing out there a product they can buy. 

2. Build a Tools Page
This is special page that you build where you list all of the tools you use. In other words, all the products or services you sell. This makes it easy for your customers and visitors to quickly see at a glance what you have available but without it appearing to be a shopping page. You’ll list the item with a link and then a brief review about what it does. 

3. Add a bonus
If you really want to draw your potential customers in, offer them your affiliate item and then offer them something special from you after they complete the purchase. It might be a discount, a free e-book, money off their next purchase, etc. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Many affiliate products have a nice commission payout so that gives you plenty of wiggle room to come up with something that will please your customer and work for you.

4. Take advantage of banners
Make use of banners on your website or blog. Place them in the footer, above the header, in the sidebar, or in your content. Affiliate products almost always have at least a couple of banner ads you can choose from to promote the product. Banners get the highest click through rate of all ads, so keep this in mind.

There you have it – 4 practical affiliate marketing tips you can really benefit from.