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  The 7 Steps to Creating a Sales Funnel  
The sales funnel when put together properly can be a powerful tool. So letís look at the 7 steps to creating a sales funnel.

1. Who are you today and who do you want to be tomorrow?Think about it. Talk it out among your team of key players. It might take you an hour or it might take you a week to find the answers.

2. Who are the right people and what is it they are looking for? You can waste your time calling up prospects and telling them about your business looking for that one diamond in the rough, or you can target your market with a functioning sales funnel. You need to prospect those that you relate to. You need to know who that customer is and what it is they want. Then you can proficiently target them. When you are communicating on the same level youíll enjoy success.

3. Setting up a Capture Page
Once you know who you are you also know who the right target market is, and you wonít have any trouble creating a strong capture page. Make sure your headline shows your personality and what people need to know about you. The heart of any sales funnel is to find common ground and then work from there.

4. Creating a Sales Page
The sales page ties to the capture page. Itís here where youíll have to make some decisions. If you can narrow down your prospects by running a very targeted campaign you can save yourself time. Use a good writer and you can significantly convert your conversion rate.

5. Your Newsletter
Once you have your first 4 steps in place, you need to get a newsletter rolled out before you start campaign one. Provide information that educates and tells those receiving the newsletter why to choose you. Target your newsletter in the same manner you target other traffic.

6. Advertising
You must have a complete understanding of PPS. You can learn through trial and error or by reading a lot of excellent material thatís already been written. Your advertising needs to be very clickable. You donít want your targeted audience to even stop and think about it for a second. You want them to click through.

7. The Campaign
Now you are ready for your campaign. Of course, without targeted traffic you have no campaign and no sales. While there is plenty more to building a successful sales funnel, these seven steps will get you started onto your road to success.