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  How to Design Your Web Page  

You have chosen your domain name, figured out where you are going to host your website, now it’s time to get down to business and start to design your website. If you are going to be attempting to design your own site, you’ll want to read on.

There are many things to consider when you decide to create your website. As a beginner, your starting point is to start basic, get a site launched onto the internet, and worry about refining and building your skills over time. The first thing you need to be introduced to is WYSIWYG is otherwise known as ‘What You See is What You Get.’ There are software or web hosts that offer website building templates that use this rule. For you, this means you create your site, and what you create is what you are going to see online. The HTML or language code is created by the software, and so therefore you do not need to learn or understand it.

There are tons of web editors ranging from free to commercial. If you don’t mind spending a little money for a good commercial web editor you might look at Dreamweaver or Xsitepro. Both offer excellent customer service support and online tutorials to help you work your way through the design process.

If you would rather use a free web editor there are a couple of decent ones kicking around such as KompZer. However, you need to remember that free web editors are going to have limitations. They may not have customer support, limited templates, and limited functionality. There are others to choose from. Just do a search for “free web editor.” It does pay to read the reviews so that you aren’t disappointed.

An important component in web design is ensuring that it is search engine readable. It is the search engines, like Google, that are going to be responsible for where your website places. So you want to make sure the web editor you are using isn’t adding tons of unnecessary code that makes it difficult for the search engines to read your site.

Your web design also needs to be content rich, and you should be focusing on a handful of important keywords that target your business and the type of traffic you want to receive.

Most of all, don’t worry about mistakes or limitations on your first website build. You will develop skills, learn techniques, and get more proficient over time. Your website can be changed and/or updated at any time.

WordPress Success

"At Last! The Most Comprehensive WordPress Course Is Finally Here" Discover The Blueprint For Creating Profitable And High-Converting Websites Using WordPress! [...]


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