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  How to Get a Webstore for Your Business  

If you are hoping to setup an inexpensive webstore there are plenty of solutions for you that can start as low as $10 a month. However your decision should be based on what it is your business needs and what will fit your budget.

You will also want to make sure that the host for your webstore offers adequate customer service 24/7. It’s not good business for your webstore to go down and visitors having to wait to make a purchase. There’s a good chance they won’t bother and will head off to another site offering similar products. Therefore, you want to know that if you have a problem you have the customer service you need to get things fixed quickly.

Find out whether you require a programmer to make changes to your webstore or whether the host offers you the ability to make the changes yourself. How much time is needed to update your site and manage it?

There are a number of things you need to consider when you are choosing your webstore. Just because the home page looks great don’t be fooled into thinking, it offers everything that’s important. You will want to find out about server performance and ensure that they have adequate bandwidth to handle the traffic. Make sure the page delivery rates are fast enough too.

You will need to learn about the e-commerce modules they offer. Do they offer a secure connection, which is a must, do they offer a shopping cart and is it included in the monthly price or is it extra. Do they offer you credit card processing or will you have to get a merchant account? This is all reflected in the cost you will pay per month.

You should think about using a hosted webstore because these companies generally offer all the services you will need as part of their cost. Yes, you could buy software, and then it would be yours, but then you have to support it and program the updates yourself, not to mention the security issues that you’ll have to address on your own.

Look for a webstore that’s easy to use. There are many huge, very sophisticated webstore providers, but the average merchant doesn’t need all the extras and they don’t need to spend your time learning things you’ll never use. These can have a steep learning curve, and they can be rather costly. If you don’t need the services, it’s a waste of your time and money.

There’s a lot involved in getting a webstore up and running, so make sure to compare the services available and match needs with budget, and available services.

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