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Why Start An Ezine
Now Even An Average Joe Can Claim His Fame To Internet Marketing Stardom! ...
Most Common Ezine Publishing Mistakes
A Must Read for All Seasoned Ezine Publishers and Those in the Making ...


  Ezine Marketing  
What makes one ezine better than the other? With more than thousands of ezines used on the Internet today, how can you make sure your ezine is the most sought after? Before you get hassled with all these questions calm down and concentrate on your ezine. Define the purpose of publishing the ezine in the first place. Was it reviews, current events, advertising or plain information? It all depends on what is your main motive for publishing the ezine is. Don’t drift away with the flow of the virtual world and forget your real motive. Be unique; avoid replicating another ezine, even if it has been popular among many people. What works for someone else may not work for you. If you put in effort, your ezine might probably be much better than competition. Following are some tips that would come handy when you are writing an ezine.

Use the right words – Develop a different style of writing. You need not follow the same style other writers/publishers follow.

Use relevant stories – Use interesting stories to spin a good write-up. It isn’t necessary to disclose all personal matters through the ezine. Be consistent. Stick to the topic; avoid fluff that might distract the reader from the main topic. Anecdotes of personal experiences tend to hold the reader’s interest.
Use appropriate advertising – If you have any ads on the ezine, make sure they are relevant to the topic and compliment it. Use targeted advertising for increasing the chances of someone using the services and products you deal in.

Readers Poll – Try and gauge the main interest of the readers through a poll.
Being the publisher of the ezine, you ought to think from the perspective of a publisher as well as a reader and an advertiser.

As a publisher, you should know and be careful about what you publish rather than just publish the ezine. What the readers think of your ezine should be of prime importance. Moreover, you should also ensure that advertisers find the ezine appealing enough to promote their business through it. Avoid turning into a run-of-the-mill ezine publisher. You cannot tell readers about every other unreliable program that comes your way.

As the reader of the subscribed ezine, what exactly made you subscribe? Are you always eager to read another issue? Would you contact the publisher to enquire about the next issue? Do you find the ezine helpful? Do you feel you have gained knowledge about something new, something that would help in making your life easier?
As the advertiser of the ezine, why would you advertise in this particular ezine? Is it because you want the readers to know what the publisher wishes to say or it is the low prices? 

Over the years, many publishers face the same problem. Therefore, when you see your ezine from all the three mentioned perspectives you will understand where your ezine, your reputation, and you are heading.

Why Start An Ezine

Now Even An Average Joe Can Claim His Fame To Internet Marketing Stardom! [...]


Internet Marketing

Most Common Ezine Publishing Mistakes

A Must Read for All Seasoned Ezine Publishers and Those in the Making [...]


Internet Marketing