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Golf is one of the oldest games, played by golfers all over the world.  Itís an enjoyable and relaxing game. Though golf looks like a very easy game, where all you need to do is swing a club and roll those little white balls into a hole, it may make one feel that it is not necessary to learn the skills of the game. To think so, would make you feel like a fool on the greens.  So, you've got to learn the rules, the use of the right gear even though all those 'sticks' look the same. Most importantly, you have to learn the good etiquette on the course. Remember lots of practice and perseverance can take you a long way, learning the game of golf.

First of all, you've got to learn the game from a professional or at least someone, who has mastered the game really well.  I mean you wouldn't want to learn a new language from someone, who can barely speak it.
Don't buy yourself an expensive, top of the line kit. There are good starter kits that you could buy, with a bag, for lesser money.

Golf requires lots of practice and hard word.  Go to the course as often as possible to practice, but do it when the course is not too crowded.   The par 3-course is good for beginners.  It gives you the practice to play all the necessary golf shots and will not get you stressed out like when playing on a 250-yard course, where you can have shots over the water.  Another important element is to learn your course well.  Take a walk around, so you can understand the way the designer intended the game to be played on it and you too could enjoy the beauty of nature.
The goal is to have fun and play a great game, but it's important to maintain quality and play safe. Make sure the others are at a safe distance, before you swing your club. Don't hit in the direction of any person around or in front of you. If this happens, yell 'fore' as a warning.  Observe safety rules of the golf cart. Keep the cart off the greens and drive carefully.
 An absolute 'no' to being rude or childish or throwing clubs in anger.
Golf has been one of the most cultured sports ever and compulsorily involves etiquette.  It's impolite to be too noisy, or yell out after a good shot or talk during another player's swing. Never step on a player's putting line, as this could alter the path of his putt.  Step over or walk around it. Check where you're standing, so that your shadow is not across a player's putting line.
Itís also essential to maintain a good pace.  If you're playing with a group, plan your next move and keep the right club ready.  Fast play will help you play a better game and make you an enjoyable person to play with. 

In a friendly game, players can agree to 'ready play', which means playing, when any player who is ready can play, instead of playing in order, as in a tournament.  The rule permits a player five minutes to look for a lost ball.  But, this could be annoying for others. So a considerate player would wave up the group behind to play through.  When you walk from your cart to your ball, take a couple of clubs along.  You wouldn't want to come all the way back for the right club, as this would waste time and be annoying to others.  Always leave the putting green, as soon as you have finished.

With all this in place and mind, you could have a really good game of golf.  So, pick up your gear and get started.