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  Knowing The Rules Of The Golf Game  
Golf being a very classic and classy game, needs to be played with the right equipments and rules, which have to be strictly followed. The golf course is widely spread piece of land and the golfers use a golf car to travel from one point to another, while playing. But, before you actually start playing the game, its mandatory to know the rules and the do's and doníts in the game.


Do not stand close to a player, while he is striking the ball.
Mind your footsteps, they might be on the line of another playerís putt.
Do not take very long for a stroke.
Do not drop your clubs or swing it around, while you are waiting.
Use the right language and golf terms on the course.
Your attire should be of a golfer.
Be careful, while replacing the flagstick
Do not strike unless the area in front is absolutely clear.
Identify your golf equipments carefully.
Deal only with your partner for give and take of advice.

Before learning the rules of the game, it is very necessary to know the basic terms and phrases used in the golf game, name of each of the equipments, each stroke, etc. After you have thoroughly studied the terms and have learnt the style of playing each stroke, it is time you know the on-course rules. Make sure you know the causes of penalties and number of penalties, extremely well.
There are two types of plays in the golf game, match play and stroke play. Rules for both these plays are a bit different from one another.


Teeing off the ball:

When you tee your ball, make sure you hit a hard and a perfect stroke, so that the ball reaches the greens, which is your first target.

Striking the ball:

Whenever you strike the ball, ensure you do not drag it at any point of time. The ball should move away from the club, soon after the strike. A wrong strike can cost you two penalties in stroke play and in match play you loose a hole.

On the greens:

While putting the ball on greens, do not check the ground by specking the ground. If you lift or move the ball, replace it at that exact spot. Be careful of penalties here. If your putt hits the flagstick, you incur two penalties in stroke play and in match play you loose a hole.
Hindrance to a moving ball (4 basic):

If you/your partner is the hindrance to a ball you strike - you incur two penalties in stroke play and in match play you loose a hole.
If another ball stops the ball you strike Ė the ball is played as it is, but you incur two penalties in stroke play.
If your opponent/his partner deflects your ball - you have to replay the shot in both the plays.
If your ball hits objects on the course like, tins, fountains, etc. the ball has to be picked up and thrown at a club length, not near the hole.


The ball is thrown 2 club lengths away, not near the hole, with a penalty in case the player is not capable of playing the shot.
Ball lost:

Loosing the ball mostly happens in water hazards. You are allowed to search for the ball for 5 minutes, after which you have to use another ball and resume the game from the point, where the ball was last placed.