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  Healthy Dating - How to Read What Your Partner Wants  
There are several people who end up being betrayed and used like tissues. Only if you would have been able to read what your partner really wants, you could have saved any awkward situations in your life.  Time and again you can get a clue or a hint about what your partner is up to and where your relationship was heading.  Unknowingly the signs of betrayal are ignored only to face a disappointment in future. Not only betrayals, but also sometimes we even tend to ignore what can make our partner happy.

At the beginning of every relation, everything seems to be just great and going on well. The initial stage is when we take care to do every possible thing that can please our partners.  However, as the relationship goes further and when your partner starts giving you hints as to what he or she wants, you tend to ignore them. It may happen unknowingly but the truth is, it can bring differences in the relationship.

They say women are good with understanding non-verbal communication, then why does it happen that when a man asks for something through gestures, he does not get it. Often, a woman will give you a clue that she is waiting for your compliments but does not receive any and thus feels her partner is being insensitive. The solution to this problem is communication. You must learn to communicate well and also be a good listener to understand what your partner is really saying. Both men and women are different and thus they interpret things differently. If you take the effort to be aware about how men and women tend to think, you would succeed in giving your partner what he or she wants.  

Many people have questioned themselves as to why their relationship dwindled after so many years. Why were you together if destiny had to take you apart? The truth is you fail to realize and accept what the reality is. If you go back and remember your partnerís behavior and words, you would realize that somewhere he or she was indirectly letting you know about the break up. For instance, when your partner suddenly starts disconnecting from you often and gives reasons for not attending your calls or meeting you, it's time to move on instead of waiting for him to return someday.

To enjoy a healthy relationship, it is important that you communicate freely and learn to tell your partner what you want and expect. Assuming that your partner understands as to what can make you happy, is silly thinking. It is best to discuss things and let each other know how you feel. Learn to see the reality and ask yourself if you deserve to be in this relationship. Do not ignore the sings of an imminent of break up. Taking steps well in advance will help you deal properly with your date and save yourself from ugly situations.

Learning to read between the lines will certainly make a lot of difference in your dating game. For example, when a women says NO she actually means Yes most of the time. Understanding men and women differently can pep up your dating experience.

Progressive Speed Dating

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