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  How to Defend Yourself When Necessary  

When an attacker comes at you, unless you have the ability to stop them you are at risk. Basic hand to hand combat is an excellent form of self defense that is easy to use. Let’s have a look at some of these hand combat techniques.

Sometimes you can prevent an attack but when the attacker is determined to assault you, they won’t always back down. This is when having pepper spray or a stun gun is very helpful, but if you aren’t armed, you have to be able to protect yourself so you aren’t seriously hurt or worse killed. 

Palm Strike

Hold your hand open and hit with your palm. The power of the palm strike is in using your entire body in your swing. You don’t just swing with your arm. Start at your feet and lift right through to create an amazing amount of force in your hand. Strike the chest, back, or head.

Pressure Points

There are tons of different pressure points on the body and these can cause a lot of pain when you hit properly, quickly bringing your fight to an end.  

* A hit to the eye(s) is painful and will temporarily damage your attacker’s vision allowing you to escape. 
* A blow square on the forehead will have enough pressure to cause whiplash. 
* A punch to the nose can cause bleeding and a fracture, allowing you to escape. 
* A strike to the collarbone will have enough force to break it. 
* A kick to the groin or knee will almost always bring an end to the attack. 

Keep these key areas in mind so that if you ever need them you will remember the important body areas.

Use the Correct Body Weapon

There area two standard methods of attack depending on the part of the body. If you are going to hit a smaller area like the eyes, groin, or nose it’s best to use a weapon that’s larger such as a foot, elbow, or fist. This creates maximum force on a small area and will do the most damage. If you are targeting a larger area like chest, head, or stomach then a pinpointed strike is perfect. This concentrates a large amount of force onto a small area for the maximum damage. 

If you are attacked you need to quickly react and use everything you can to your advantage. These basic hand to hand combat techniques will help you escape your attacker. 

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