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Let's get one thing clear. For the most part, selling gigs on Fiverr means you trade your time and effort for money. A lot of people have no...
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  Getting Traffic from Twitter  
Internet marketing was dramatically changed with the introduction of social media sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.  Since Twitter was first launched people have wondered how they should use it as part of their Internet marketing plan.

The Basics of Twitter

Twitter allows you to post to your followers messages of up 140 characters in length.  You may be wondering how much you can say in only 140 characters.  Join the club.  Everyone wonders that until they get the hang of it and you will.  Follow a few simple rules and you will do just fine on Twitter.

What to Tweet

It is important that your tweets be more than a constant barrage of promotional messages.  You will quickly lose your followers.  The general rule to follow is the 80-20 rule.  80% of your tweets should be either useful or entertaining to your followers.  The other 20% of your tweets can be direct promotions of your products and services.
An effective Internet marketing plan using Twitter should include humor.  Humor can help you maintain long-term online relationships with your followers.  People appreciate humor even if you are just providing links to humor sites, video clips, etc.

Promotional Tweets

What you say in the 140 characters of your promotional tweets is important.  If you do it properly you should be able to bring targeted traffic to your website.  Your promotional tweets must entice your followers to click on your accompanying link to read more about the promotion.  Do not try to close a sale in 140 characters.  Get them to your website.  That is your sole goal.

Grab your followers’ attention quickly with a catchy line.  Use questions (Do you want to save a bundle on a gift for Mom?), or exclamations (A sale so HUGE you won’t believe it!).  The key is grabbing their attention and making them want more information.

How Often do I Tweet?

At the very least you should tweet four or five times per day.  You want to stay active on Twitter in order to get more followers and to keep your current followers engaged.  

If you tweet five times per day that would mean you post four general information or humor tweets and one promotional tweet.  If you follow these rules you can generate traffic from Twitter as part of your Internet marketing plan.

Make Money On Fiver 2

Let's get one thing clear. For the most part, selling gigs on Fiverr means you trade your time and effort for money. A lot of people have no reservations about this. Most people don't have a problem doing this. [...]


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