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Bitcoin Breakthrough 2
Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard about cryptocurrencies. The most famous of these is Bitcoin which is always in the...


  Increase Your Income With a Members-Only Membership Website  
The Internet is the greatest informational resource due to the un-measurable amount of free information on practically any subject being available spread across thousands of websites. Despite this, if you try to quickly gain a substantial amount of cogent high value information on some specialized topic, especially a topic away from the mainstream or a niche topic you may find yourself struggling to get the desired information and wasting precious time in futile searches and many times fail to get any information at all. This is one of the important reasons why membership only websites are fast gaining popularity. People have come to realize the importance of a centralized information warehouse containing quality content suitable to their needs and are willing to pay a monthly/quarterly/annual fee to gain access to such information. You can take advantage of this trend and create a ‘paid members only’ website to provide useful content by way of exclusive and quality information on a specific topic.

A membership only website furnishes content selectively to non-members who log onto its homepage.  It restricts some or its entire valuable content only to members of the site. Members are people who register with the website and pay the required fees for accessing content. The nature and type of the content depends on what the site is about i.e. the topic of the site. For example, a website on cooking would have content related to various type of recipes, food items and other cooking related matter, a health benefit site may have tips and materials on nutrition, exercises, dietary supplements etc.

If you have in-depth knowledge about any topic do not let it go to waste. You can earn quite handsomely by putting in a little time and effort for developing that knowledge into content tailored to fit the requirements of a membership only website and then set up your own members’ only membership site to ‘sell’ the informational content to members and start earning extra income right away.
The biggest advantage of a membership only website is its very low initial costs. No investment in purchasing and maintaining a physical inventory of saleable products is needed. All that is required for you to do is to convert knowledge related to a specific topic into some format through which it can be shared with others. As you proceed to do this and create e-books, articles, documents and blogs on your website topic you will certainly make inputs of your time and efforts but will not need to invest/spend any money. Because of this low start up cost of your membership only website your profit margins will be high.

As the products against which you are making profits are intangible they need no replenishment unlike physical products for sale. In case of intangible products the same ones can be bought time and again by different members over any period of time. One product bought by one member initially may appeal to another member months after it was first made available who may then buy it at that later point in time.

Once your site is properly set up with relevant content in place your membership starts growing. With increasing members you start receiving a regular stream of income.

Bitcoin Breakthrough 2

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard about cryptocurrencies. The most famous of these is Bitcoin which is always in the news. Some people think that cryptocurrencies are a scam but they are not. If you know what you are [...]


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