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  Give Your Membership Website a Boost  

Membership sites are aware of the importance of a strong online presence, and some membership sites even offer online communities that are exclusive to only members. These hubs are a great place for memberships to connect and even trade personal information. Some communities are doing great while others are struggling and really need to see their membership website get a boost. There are some things you do.

1. Make sure the site is user friendly – If your site is hard to navigate and your members have a hard time finding, their way around they won’t use the site. Make sure it is easy to understand and to navigate. Make sure you have a search feature so the members can find what they want. 

2. Make your community good so people will join – In addition to incentive there has to be something good for your members to want to join the community. It should be easy for members to meet and connect with each other so that they can form relationships. Membership information should be available, coming up events, and any other important information. 

3. Provide plenty of incentives – People always love incentives and members are no different. You could discount the membership fees when signing up for a year, or perhaps you can offer a member a free month for bringing in a new member – really it’s whatever you think will interest your members.

4. Constantly improve your site - When you keep your site fresh and updated, members want to visit. Integrate your site with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. If your members ask for a specific functionality then try to add it. 

5. Have good moderators – Sometimes discussions and conversations can become heated and things may get said that shouldn’t or some members may be disrespectful. Having a moderator online really keeps things running smoothly as they can intervene whenever necessary.

You want your online community members to keep coming back to the site, so build a site that will boost membership and usability. Then your members will come and they will take advantage of the site you have created.