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So you’ve decided to spend some time on self improvement – congratulations. It’s nice to have a little help. Here are 8 top tips that should be on the list of self improvement goals. 

1. Befriend top people in their fields. These people have achieved their results because they have the right attitudes, skill sets and know-how. How better to learn than from the people who have been there and done that? Gain new insights from them on how you can improve and achieve the same results for yourself.

2. Let it go – Let your past go. If you are carrying unhappiness from the past or a grievance from the past you need to let it go so that you can move forward. Holding on to this old baggage stops you from moving on. 

3. Be kind to others – Show compassion and kindness to others. Sadly, the majority of us spend far too little time being nice to other human beings. By being kind it will help to grow the qualities of love, patience and compassion. 

4. Start a business – This can be a scary undertaking but there is so much growth that can happen that it is certainly worth considering. Is there something that interests you? If you said yes, why not make it a money making proposition. Start a new venture and learn how to run a business at the same time you make some extra money. You’ll develop skills like self discipline, management, leadership and organizational skills. 

5. Reach out to those you hate - If you stand for what you believe there’s a good chance you will have haters. It’s easy to hate those who hate you. It’s a much bigger challenge to love them back. Learn to forgive, let it go and show love and forgiveness. 

6. Take a break – If you have been working too hard it’s time to take a break. Self-improvement includes recognizing your need for some down time. Relax and charge yourself.

7. Every day read a personal development article - There are tons of great personal development blogs out there. Take the time to read at least one article a day – learn and grow from it.

8. Commit to personal growth – You can likely make a long list of growth you would like to achieve, so write it down, make a list and commit to it. Make it happen.

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