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Nowadays, entrepreneurs have been in surge of utilizing the Internet to increase sales. However, many of them do not know how to choose their marketing tools and how to use it effectively. Prior to establishing an internet market, one must remember how important marketing tool is to boost and sustain profit. Here are some of the internet marketing tools with their benefits and difficulties.


Companies discharge their information on video and audio formats on their websites. This usually includes their company profile, frequently asked questions, contact numbers, and products or services. Websites mark the business’ personality in order for consumers to familiarize themselves with their market of products and services. Eventually, this gives a capture lead on direct and indirect selling; thus, increasing sales. It is the company’s option whether to add this feature or not to their marketing strategy.


We often see text ads at right or bottom of the webpage. Several websites pop-up whenever we search specific words on the Internet. These words are the core of paid search or pay-per-click, which is an online marketing tool using bids for each keyword the company desires. It gives profit to three entities: the company paying for its ads, the individual making ads, and the company paid for doing ads. It works first with the company who wants to have an ad by bidding. One benefit for the company is the option of how much to pay for an ad. However, the company paid for doing ads will base the topmost website search for companies with higher bids keywords. Hence, the company should first analyze the ad placement before investing in it. If the company chooses a less general term for targeted words, it would also cost less but with increased prospect of consumers.

Email Marketing
An online counter part of direct marketing is email marketing. Usually, this is done every month to increase sales by seeking feedback from consumers or giving information about a new product and service. Email addresses may come from the company’s own directory or through purchase. Again, a hindrance to this marketing tool is time because it takes effort to make creative, reliable, and visible content to consumers. Nonetheless, this invites traffic to the company’s website because it builds the business identity by distinctive competition. In addition, email marketing adds motivation to consumers and eventually establishing rapport.


Probably the most eminent figure on online advertising is blogging. In this type of marketing tool, the writer or blogger and the company requesting information to increase profits. This comprises of comments or news regarding the company’s profile and services, or even the blogger’s own information. Containing texts, images, and links, blogs can easily drive profit through interaction and maybe a good substitute if the company/organization does not have a website. Unlike promotional ads or websites, blogs gives an indirect approach to increase sales.

These are all the marketing tools available for internet sales. They all have their pros and cons but it still depends on how the company utilizes such tools and makes their services more effective for profitability.