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  Preliminary Requirements for a Tattoo Artist  
Although there is no actual school or exact education requirements for becoming a tattoo artist, some things you need to do before you can begin to think about working in the field. One of the first things you need to consider is whether you have the talent for drawing. If you do not have any talent for art, you will not make it as a tattoo artist. How are you going to draw on the skin of people if you cannot even create a decent picture on a piece of paper? It is essential for a good tattoo artist to be a good artist on paper or canvas.

If you want to be a tattoo artist, you may want to first invest in some art classes in order to improve your fine and creative art skills. You will be called upon to create many different types of artistic pictures and images, so you have to make sure you know how to create and color perfect visual images. Keep in mind that there will be times you will have to create pictures that are custom in nature, and your artistic training will show you how to create images from a description or from the drawing of another person. The more you practice creating visual images on paper or canvas the easier it will be for you to apply the same principles to performing tattoo work.

Following your art instruction, you will enter into an apprenticeship program. This will involve working with another more experienced tattoo artist and may range from a free service to one that will cost thousands of dollars. You will work side by side by another artist and learn how he conducts his daily routine and just what is involved when you do a tattoo on someone. It is important to learn everything from how to do the drawing to keeping your equipment sterile.

You will also learn how to assist your customers with taking care of their tattoo at home during the healing period. All of this is essential and makes your relationship with your customers more comfortable. If they feel they can trust you to do a good job and provide good advice, they will continue to come back when they are ready for another tattoo. Your completion of the apprenticeship program will help make you a successful tattoo artist.

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