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  Teespring Uses Social Media to Create Marketing Campaigns – if you aren’t yet familiar with this website, you should be. Why? Well for a number of reasons. The fact, that this company was able to think outside the box to create themselves a unique niche market, and the fact that this company makes use of crowdfunding, and if that’s not enough Teespring has learned to use social media to create marketing campaigns that are successful. Bottom line – most of us could learn a great deal from this company.

You can create a business, build your website and hope that somehow potential customers find you. But the bottom line is that unless you put into place a successful marketing plan, this simply isn’t going to happen. The trouble is marketing can get expensive fast. Just look at the cost of Google Adsense and you can quickly see how a small business or a non profit could land up in trouble very quickly. Thankfully, there are other options like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media.

Great, you probably already know about social media and the benefits it can offer, not to mention it’s free or extremely cheap if you buy ads. However, if you think all you need to do is post on these social media sites and the customer will come, you’d be wrong. Social media marketing requires you to know who your customer is, who you are going to target, and how you plan to target them. For example, your customer is moms between the ages of 35 and 40 who have children with cancer. You are going to target them through your business page and you are going to purchase Facebook ads to increase your exposure. You are going to crowdfund by creating a tee-shirt that says “Standing up for Childhood Cancer Research,’ on the website.

Teespring has plenty of help on their site. The process is relatively easy. You aren’t required to put out any money upfront. You create your crowdfunding campaign and if you meet your goals Teespring goes ahead and produces your order and ships it to the customer, then sends you a check for the profits earned. You don’t have to handle any merchandise or money.

Teespring knows how to use social media to get the response it wants and you can learn from them so that you too can generate the response you want. Social media is one of the most affordable marketing options available to businesses and non profits.

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