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  Why You Should Have a Look at Teespring  

If you haven’t heart of, you should! Here you are going to find crowd funding for t-shirts. Yes, that’s right – t-shirts. If you are like most people at one time or another you were sure you had a great idea for a t-shirt. Well now’s your chance to take that idea, create your own t-shirt, put it up for sale and see if you can reach your goals and make some money. Let’s see if others think your idea was good. provides users with all the necessary tools to design and create a t-shirt. They also print your t-shirts and send them to the buyer. You handle no product, put no money up front, and do nothing more than come up with a great idea. So what’s the catch?

Well, there’s no real catch, it’s really about how something is marketed and manufactured. Generally, if you wanted to design and market a t-shirt you would come up with your design, then you would get quotes from various manufacturers about the cost to produce the shirt, you would pick a supplier and pay them the costs associated with that order, and of course you would have decide how many to produce. Then, you would market your t-shirts and hope that others liked what you designed because if they didn’t you would be out a ton of money. Most entrepreneurs would see that as high risk and they would be right.

Well now there is an easier way, a safer way, that requires no cash out lay, no investment, nor risk. You come up with your idea, you design it on teespring. You create a crowd funding campaign to sell that shirt and you market it through all the channels you can think of. Then you wait to see if you meet your campaign goal.

What happens if you do meet your goal? If you meet your goal teespring will print and distribute your shirts, so still you have no need for hands on the product. If you don’t meet your goal the entire thing goes by the wayside, monies are returned to buyers, and you’ve just learned your idea wasn’t maybe as good as you thought. All of this and the only thing you have invested is a little bit of money.

When your campaign is successful, you sit back and wait for teespring to send you your profits check. Now do you see why you need to have a look at You could be missing a gold mine here!