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Facebook Ads 2
Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need...
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Make no mistake, when Facebook opened its Facebook Messenger architecture, the marketing world went crazy. Prior to this point, if somebody tries...


  Maximize Business Success Using Facebook  
Social networking has become an important tool in online marketing. When we talk about social networking most of us think of Facebook. Thereís certainly no question that Facebook can help maximize your business success. So letís learn a little bit more on how to make that happen.

The first thing you need to do is choose to setup a page. If you have previously setup a group you should put a link on the group and send them to your page. Cut your losses. There are a number of reasons why a group isnít right. The main reason is that updates on your group page will not be sent to all of the followers live stream. Unless someone actually goes to the group page, theyíll have no idea what you are up to. Thatís not going to do your business any good.

When you create your page make sure to complete all the options that are presented to you. New visitors tend to stop on the info tab. Take the time to create a nice logo image. In Facebook itís called a profile image. This image can be a maximum of 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall. This means you have plenty of room to create a memorable impression. Take the time to look over all the settings for the page. Choose the setting for who can see the page, who can see the posts, who can post, etc.

Next customize the landing page. This is buried but Facebook does let you set a default landing tab for visitors who are not yet likers. In order to set a landing page you will have to create a new tab. Then go to the edit page admin screen and select manage permission from the menu.

Once your page is set up and running itís time to start to post blog content to your Facebook wall. There are tons of reasons why you should do this. In fact there are millions of reasons Ė they are called Facebook users and they spend a large amount of time on their news feeds. There are all kinds of apps that will let you automatically post to your pageís wall. Itís less work. Of course, you can certainly post manually if you like.

Facebook lets you allow visitors on your website to login using your Facebook profile information. It does sound great in theory, but make sure you give it the right consideration before making a final decisions. Think about who your audience is, and whether they will be okay with using their Facebook account to log into your website.

Facebook Ads 2

Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need to consider Facebook ads. [...]


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