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Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need...
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  Use Facebook Ads to Target Traffic  
Targeted traffic means potential paying customers. Trying to target traffic on the internet can be difficult. Using Facebook ads makes it much easier to target traffic and therefore maximize the right kind of traffic to your website or Facebook page.

To set up an ad campaign on Facebook:
1. Click the link to “create an ad”
2. Then just click the “I want to advertise something I have on Facebook” button, or the “Suggest an ad” button.
3. Facebook then quickly generates an ad for you by pulling text and an image from your Facebook page or website.
4. From there you can make changes to both the text and image to refine your ad message.

Once you’ve created your ad, it’s time to refine that ad to target the right traffic. On Facebook you will do that using the profile information users reveal when setting up their Facebook profile. Your next step is:

1. Click the continue button after your ad has been
2. Now you need to target your traffic. This includes choosing things like educational level, workplace, gender, language, age, etc. You can even include Facebook connections.

You’ll want to narrow down your target market so your ads are well focused. Facebook is smart and will not let you narrow your search so much that it’s detrimental to your advertising campaign. For example, a good narrowed down target market might include selling energy bars to people in the California area, that have participated in 5 mile marathons. You can establish the ad for a specified time period that might be a certain day, time, week, etc.

Let’s look at a couple of ad examples. A bakery might target a specific area and then create an ad for a free cupcake on your birthday. A retailer selling android phones might target those using iPhones and offer a free upgrade.

Now, what Facebook won’t let you do is try to target let’s say energy bars and iPhones. Instead you could create two ad campaigns – one for energy bars and one for iPhones. Facebook stops you to ensure you are not narrowing your search too much to make your ad campaign ineffective.

There are some limitations on targeting on your ads. Improving targeting of those over the age of 64 is still in the works by Facebook. Targeting internationally and targeting those that have their relationship set as complicated are not possible.

As you set your choices Facebook shows you how many Facebook users will likely see the ad you are placing and the estimated cost.

Facebook Ads 2

Make no mistake whether you have a purely local business or you are aiming for a larger market be it regional or national or even global, you need to consider Facebook ads. [...]


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