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  Foursquare Combined with GPS Changing Social Media  

Foursquare takes social media to a new level considering it has the capacity of recording your exact location along with telling you whether other Foursquare users are in the vicinity. It’s really an interesting app and it can be a lot of fun. If you are looking for something to do on a certain date or you would just like to hookup with other Foursquare users in the area, it’s a great tool.

It does more. It can help; you avoid a bad experience. For example, if someone visits a restaurant and checks in, then leaves a comment about how terrible the food was or that they got sick from eating the food, it has the ability to help you avoid these less than pleasant situations.

You may be surprised to learn you can actually plan your entire evening, by following the tips left by users. It’s a bit like an interactive tourist guide for the town providing you opportunities to find and check out opportunities that you may previously not enjoyed. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Foursquare has an achievement system based on being rewarded with badges. It’s a lot of fun and the badges open up tons of rewards that offer money saving opportunities. Another fun game is where you can become the mayor of a location by being the person that is in one place the most. You’ll remain mayor until someone does better.

What most aren’t aware of is that Foursquare is more than just a site that’s fun. It’s also provides full GPS functionality. This app is ever so much fun, and it offers a lot of potential that may haven’t even been realized yet. One thing is for sure it can be really pay off because you can use it to present offers for all kinds of free products, and coupons, which give many the incentive to sign up.

Those that have earned the Mayor title get special offers. Users need to watch for businesses that also offer promotions to those with specific badges they have earned. The graphics are poor but they certainly do listen to their users and t links nicely into Twitter. They are quick to fix bugs when they are reported.

Entrepreneurs should be paying attention because there is plenty that can be gained from the Foursquare app. With so many user if you aren’t making sure to create special offers you are wasting some fantastic potential. You should try out Foursquare, because this is really what social media is all about – a lot of fun, and very exciting. So be sure to spread the news about Foursquare with others.