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  Foursquare Marketing Begins With One Post  

If you were asked the question, “What are you doing this minute?” your answer would depend on your age. It seems young urbanites actually would have a couple more questions “Where are you,” and “Can I join you?” For those in their 20’s and 30’s it seems that staying connected with their friends and family at all times is very important. They want to know if they are in the same vicinity so they can connect.

That would be the reason for the Foursquare apps popularity. In fact, it’s the app of choice. It is a lot of things all wrapped into one. A city guide, a friend finder, and a competitive game all in one. Foursquare users can check in with their cell phone from a restaurant, gallery, bar, or anywhere else, they might be. This will alert their friends of where they are, and if they are in the same area they can connect.

For many it would seem like planned destiny. Urbanites check when they grab a bite to eat, stop for a coffee, or stop after work for a drink. Many of those using Foursquare don’t even bother to text friends anymore, because they know they will see where they are at just by checking their own Foursquare. An added bonus is that Foursquare directly posts to the users Facebook so that other friends know what they are doing too.

Foursquare is only a couple of years old and it really is in its infancy. Currently it is growing by about 15,000 a year. The fact that this app has gained such popularity means that businesses should be paying attention. There’s an incredible marketing opportunity at the fingertips of every business, especially in urban areas.

So how can a business take advantage of what Foursquare has to offer? There are a number of ways and they are all easy to implement. Did you know you can broadcast a message to any Foursquare user that comes near your location. That message could offer a special promotion or free gift that’s only available to those who see the message. It’s automated, cheap, and effective.

You could also take advantage of the ‘mayor’ game that so many are playing. Offer a gift certificate to anyone who becomes mayor at your location. Offer a cash discount when they make a purchase at your business and are a Foursquare user. For example, $1 off their food order at the restaurant.  Let your imagination run wild.

Once you recognize just how popularly Foursquare has become and the value of location marketing you’ll be on the way to making it work for you.