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  Is Foursquare the New Twitter  

The Foursquare website is the latest in what are being called micro-blogging sites. To date, Twitter has been the leader in the micro-blogging industry, but it appears that might be about to change. At least, that’s the chatter out there – it seems many believe that Foursquare will be the new Twitter.

Users at Foursquare are able to publish their comments, in combination with their actual physical location, to anyone who is interested in knowing this information. So what’s the point of this? Well the site was built on the idea that you could publish when you were present at a restaurant, movie theater, bar, shopping center, neighborhood park, or anywhere else. Then if any of your friends are in the vicinity they could see that you are nearby, and then you might be able to connect and visit.

The site makes it easy for a little bit of friendly competition to occur between users. There are two popular fames that are offered: Becoming Mayor of a location and Badges. Users can become Mayor of a location by checking into that location than any other user. You hold the title until someone checks in more than you, and then becomes the new “mayor” of the location.

With Badges, you earn badges by meeting certain conditions like checking into a specific number of locations. The conditions for earning each badge are kept a secret. Well, at least that’s what they’d like to believe, although not much remains a secret online.

While many are claiming that Foursquare is going to be the newest Twitter, there may have forgotten to take into consideration just how limiting Foursquare is, because it focuses on what the users are doing at a given moment in time. Whereas, the scope of Twitter is much broader. It captures the thoughts, ideas, and dreams of what is happening in the mind at the user at any given moment.

However, not allowing Twitter and Foursquare to face off, would be a shame against humanity. Okay, well perhaps not humanity, but it would certainly be interfering in the internet’s evolution. Sites are integrating rapidly online, so much so, that two sites no longer have to be seen as competitors.

Twitter feeds show on Foursquare, and Foursquare updates show on Twitter, while both update to Facebook. This is where the future of the internet is headed where sides blend seamlessly rather than competing. It’s a brand new day – a brand new era on the net – and so while Foursquare might not be the new Twitter, it’s likely to become comrades.