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  Newspapers are Jumping on the Foursquare Bandwagon  

Foursquare began as a way for friends, family, and colleagues to connect. Soon savvy business owners were taking advantage of location marketing that Foursquare could provide them. Now news media outlets are beginning to experiment with Foursquare. The focus is on engaging with the audience in the relevant location.

Some of the newspapers taking advantage of the geolocation style include the Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, and National Post. All have placed editorial content on Foursquare that included opinion polls, inspiring content, a social story, etc. The goal is to keep the content light and relevant, while improving readership of the actual newspaper, and targeting specific locations.

More and more newspapers are recognizing the true value of using Foursquare to take advantage of location marketing, and its likely how they use it will continue to evolve. Urban areas have the highest number of Foursquare users with the majority being in their 20’s and 30’s, who are demanding a great deal out of their technology, and who find it convenient to know if their friends, family, and co-workers are in the same area as they are so that they might be able to connect.

Local business owners could learn a lot from the actions of a few news media giants. It’s all about location marketing, which is a very powerful tool that you can use to promote your business. Up until now, it has been tricky and usually costly for brick and mortar businesses to be able to target potential customers in their area. Foursquare changes all of that. Now a business can easily target potential customers that are in their area, and it’s very affordable.

Your business can send a direct message to Foursquare users who are check-in within a specific radius from your store’s location. The message can offer a promotion, a coupon, a gift card, etc. The offer can be for a limited time, a specific day, or run continuously. How you choose to use Foursquare to promote your business is limited only by your imagination. The newspapers are thinking outside the box, you might want to do the same.

Only savvy business owners have recognized the true value of what Foursquare has to offer in the form of marketing. It’s also why they are so successful in their businesses – they recognize opportunity when they see it and they focus on staying one-step ahead of the competition. The question is will you see the opportunity that awaits you with Foursquare.