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  Social Media Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore  

Social media is a part of most of our lives. There’s one new social media site that is quickly moving up the ranks to parallel sites like Twitter and Facebook. In fact, Foursquare is a social media your business shouldn’t ignore.

Foursquare is a bunch of things all rolled into one app – it is a friend finder, city finder, game, and mobile social networking site. From a business perspective it is truly magical – at least when it comes to the increase in profits it can generate.

Foursquare is a smart phone mobile app that works on the Blackberry, iPhone, Palm Pre, Android, and possibly others. It encourages users to explore their home city, and it rewards them for doing just that. Every time a user goes to a pub, hotel, park, coffee shop, etc. anywhere on the planet, they can use their cell phone to ‘check-in.’ When they do this they are given points. The user earns different points for different visits. For example, a first time visit will earn a user more points than a second time visit.

Users also collect badges.  There are many different badges that can be earned and the numbers continue to grow. Some companies have even created their own badges. Starbucks is one of those companies.

If a user checks in to a location more than anyone else does, they are awarded the title of ‘mayor.’ They hold this designation until someone else checks in to that location more than the current user who is then dethroned.

So how does your business take advantage of Foursquare and cash in on it? You can start by creating a Foursquare website where you can add photos, maps, information, and more. Then you monitor the people that check in to your business and then offer those individuals rewards, additional discounts, freebies, etc. Those who become mayor might be given a larger prize.

Foursquare has more than a million users and that number is growing by more than 15,000 a day. The potential marketing opportunities that Foursquare can offer your business are numerous. How you decide to use Foursquare to market your business is really only limited by your imagination.

For example, you might offer anyone who becomes mayor of your location one free coffer per day for a month, or you might offer first time visitors to your business a 50% discount, or you might offer your most frequent customer a $50 gift certificate… or… well you get the idea. Don’t be afraid to be creative, and remember the sooner you start marketing with Foursquare the sooner, you can enjoy increased revenues.