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  The 1, 2, 3 of Adding Your Business to Foursquare  

What do you think of when you hear Foursquare? If you started talking about a board game you’d be right, but that’s not the Foursquare we’re talking about. Meet the newest addition to social media marketing. Foursquare is a neat smart phone app that is a blend of an interactive game of life with social networking.

Users set up the Foursquare app on their phones and then ‘check-in’ to places where they physically are. They can also offer others tips about what they should be sure to take in if they visit. Foursquare is definitely a significant advancement in online location marketing. To date, pubs, bars, restaurants, theater, live music, and coffee shops have been the focus of Foursquare, but other local businesses are quickly beginning to find ways to use this app to their advantage.

To get your business listed, follow these steps:

1. Start by signing up for a personal profile on the Foursquare site. Do not create the profile for your business. The profile needs to be for you personally. Do not skip the ‘upload a photo’ step, because you can’t collect badges without having uploading a photo first. You also cannot become mayor without a profile picture. Don’t use your business logo as your photo.
2. Search for your business, because there is a possibility that it may be registered as a venue already and will come up in a search. This rarely happens but is worth checking. If it does not come up then click ‘add things,’ which you will find in the top navigation menu and then:
a. Click ‘add a venue,’ and enter your business name.
b. Enter the address of your business. Foursquare requires you to abbreviate avenues, and streets. You must spell out city names completely, and states are abbreviated but in all caps. For example, the address would look like 2145 Sedona Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, 75555.
c. Enter your Twitter ID for your business.
d. Add relevant keywords for your business. Make sure that they are all in lowercase. You will also need to add your state and city as a tag. This is not important for searches done on the Foursquare site, but it is important with the iPhone app.
3. Download the Foursquare application to your smartphone. Foursquare is available for the Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and a number of other phones. Now check-in at your business location, then check in again the next day and you could become mayor of your own venue.

You see it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to add your business to Foursquare so why wait another day.