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  Understanding Foursquare other Location Based Services  

Foursquare, along with other location based services are really drawing a lot of attention these days, because they are able to create a number of new social opportunities. It also is bring about an entirely new way to market. Location based marketing is in its infancy, but there are many businesses who have already recognized the potential and are quickly incorporating it into their marketing plan.

There are many location based service sites such as Google’s Latitude, Gowalla, and Yelp, but Foursquare is by far the most quickly grown and recognized. Unlike some of the other similar sites, Foursquare is able to connect the user’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. This makes Foursquare the best choice for businesses looking to use location marketing.

Smartphone apps take advantage of the GPS that is built into the phone to determine where the user is, and then provide them with a list of businesses that are nearby. The user chooses one of these businesses or makes their own entry. As a business, you want to encourage the user to check in at your business.

If you are wondering just how you will do this, it is not that difficult at all. You will provide promotions, coupons, special deals, freebies, etc. to users who use the Foursquare app. You can include links to Foursquare on other forms of advertising to maximize your marketing value. You get maximum value for minimum dollar investment. Few other methods cost so little with so much to offer.

One of the Foursquare games is the Mayor game. Users get to be mayor by attending the location the most. They hold that position until someone else goes to that location more than them. You will be surprised at just how popular this game is. You can incorporate the game into your marketing.

Starbucks did an excellent job of doing just that. They offered each user an opportunity to earn one dollar towards their daily coffee for checking into the Starbucks location. This promotion was offered at every Starbucks. It received coverage, and the number of visitors to Starbucks grew.

That’s just one example of how Foursquare can be used by your business. You are limited only by your imagination. The choice is yours – Sit back and waits until it’s a common form of marketing, or begin to enjoy the benefits of location marketing while it’s in its infancy and reap the benefits.