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  The Best Organic Hair Care Lines  
So, you want great hair, but you also want to be eco-friendly, and not spend too much. Aren’t you picky! Absolutely not! You are many organic or eco-friendly hair care lines sought after consumer.

1. Ecco Bella

Sally Malanga created Ecco Bella products, when she realized that most hair care products contained harmful ingredients to both consumers and the environment. She believes that products intended for humans should understandingly be tested on humans; therefore her products are not tested on animals. Her makeup is made from earth’s minerals and flower waxes. She even offers refillable compacts for blush and eye shadows. Her skincare is filled with nutrient vitamin cells. The products are organic and anti-aging. Her room sprays only include essential oils, emulsifier and water. She is loved in the eco-friendly world for her vanilla shampoo and conditioner that are only 8.95!

2. John Masters

This line offers eco-chic hair care products and free ground shipping. The Evening Primrose Shampoo is only 16 dollars and cleans through decyl glucoside a sudsing agent certified for its eco-clean production. Evening primrose is supposed to add moisture and strengthens. The Shine-On leave-in hair treatment uses a synthetic silicone to ensure shine on your hair, shines right through. You can easily use this product in replace of petroleum-based products. It contains organic sea kelp to shine and soften hair. The sea mist includes sea salt for texture and lavender to normalize scalp conditions. To spike or smooth your hair use the bourbon vanilla and tangerine hair Texturizer, it is safe for color treated hair and only 21 dollars. The ingredients smooth the hair cuticle and increase strength and shine. John Masters is also New York City’s only clean air salon.

3. Desert Essence

This line allows you take the “personal consultation” quiz so that you can formulate the products to fit your skin. Jojoba Body Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner are enriched with organic Jojoba oil, Kukui Nut, and Aloe Vera, and each is only 5.99! The treatments range from tea tree to therapeutic to 100 percent Jojoba oil. The Jojoba oil can be used for multiple things, including removing makeup, soften your hands and feet; and it is a great way to treat your hair and scalp, and reduce dandruff. It is suitable for extremely sensitive skin and a great treatment to leave-in and moisturize while in the sun.