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Are you a dog owner and thrilled by the way other trained dogs do the tricks? If you are, then you can definitely make yours to be excellent in following your orders and gestures. You may have tried your level best but at the end of it all, no visible success seemed to follow. It is the right time that you learn how to make your loving dog come to your bed to wake you with an early good morning hag.

Many may brag on how reliable they are at training dogs, but the truth of the matter is that most of them don’t know what they are talking about. Many of them will brag beacause of an accidental gesture that made a dog pee.

It is through this article that you will learn basic training methodology that will effectively provide better result to your favorite dog.

Be serious when training the dog
Many people will be too charming to the dog during training; you should be a dog trainer and not a friend. But this does not mean you should be mean to the dog, all that is implied is that during training time don’t entertain the dog. Simply be serious and you will definitely be successful.

The type of dog

You should clearly put a target of what kind of dog you want yours to transform to. Do you want it to be a hunting dog? Do you want it to be a House pet? Or maybe you want it to compete in shows? Ask yourself these questions that will enable you to determine the specific training procedure that will be detrimental in changing your dog to your desire.

Frequency of training the dog
This secret is straight forward. You only need to keep on repeating the procedure that we have discussed above. Just as a little kid is taught spelling and grammar for a long period of time, so also your dog needs the regularity. Whenever you are free do a little serious interaction with the dog and you will be surprise at the advancement.