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  A Fee Based Subscription  

Ezines are used for various reasons like advertising that can be advantageous to business owners who target the audience that wants the product or service they deal in. If you aiming for a constant lifelong time residual profit after getting tired of the one time income, there is good news. Now, you can easily attain your continuous income. Given below are some reasons why you should opt for a fee based subscription gateway

Recurring Income You will develop a residual monthly income. For instance, if you charge a monthly subscription fee, you will create non-stop income every month.

Subscriber Base You won't need to spend all the time marketing for new subscribers. Just acquire and maintain the present subscribers to reach the proposed monthly income objective. This would help you in selling more products and creating a residual lifelong income.
Fix Income for Life You can gauge how many subscribers you would need for reaching the income goal. Always mention on the advertisement that you would only accept a specific number of subscribers.

Zero Delivery Expenses - You will not incur any material or shipping expenditure like offline subscription publications. All you would have to pay for are the web site expenses and the Internet access charges. You will generate constant income on the basis of information you hold.

Sell Back End Products in Your Newsletter Issues - You can sell upsell products or back end products under a fee based subscription ezine. Except for the monthly subscription fees you will develop a killer income selling back end products.

Affiliate Program for Passive Residual Income You can set up an affiliate program that would give people residual commission on a monthly basis. People would always wish to join the affiliate program because it is residual rather than the one-time sales.

Upgrade and Pay for the Content You could publish a free newsletter or ezine and let people upgrade to the your latest fee based ezine. If they develop a liking for the free one, they would gradually subscribe and upgrade themselves to the paid one.

Improve Your sales letter - Your sales copy consequentially builds itself into an order pulling sales machine. Every issue you archive bestows you with amazing benefits that add to the sales letter, which would eventually increase your productivity.
Last but not the least, you will be known all over as an expert on the given topic of the fee based ezine or newsletter. You might probably be hired by other businesses for speaking or delivering content. In due course, you will gain more credibility, popularity and institute trust and respect.