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  Blogging your way for successful Ezine marketing  
Blogs are very popular delivery mediums nowadays. They are used by all for all purposes. Many are using blogs as a marketing tool. The popularity of blogs has led to a successful platform from which to deliver your ezine articles. Many would suggest you deliver your articles for ezine via a blog because of the many advantages it offers. As a blog is a web based, you have the chance to post your articles as and when you choose. It can be done anytime of the day and from anywhere you are and the updates take place instantly. The availability of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds enables the subscribers to receive your content to their desktops, void of spam. In this manner, the subscribers get what they wish to read. Blogs are also an inexpensive way in which you can create a presence online and that too without the hassle of a website. Many sites offer you a blogging environment free of cost. Even if they do charge a fee, it is generally a nominal rate.

You have the facility of setting up a subscription form as well as send email to your subscribers when you add new content. Apart from this, you can use the side column to provide links for ads and your affiliate programs. This will allow you to advertise without letting it interfere with your content. Another advantage of using blogs is that they are easily linked to other blogs. This will help you in creating a virtual marketing system and at the same time increase your exposure online. The blogs help you to increase your ratings on search engines and thus have more visitors. You have improved ratings because of the key word rich content that is also text filled. Your ezine blog is not only popular but also trusted by your subscribers because you provide content that they require and that saves them time that they would have spend on finding similar content.

Blogs also allow easy archiving of articles. This is because when you post an article, it is done on a new page. This new page creates a permalink which is what the readers use to share the article. When this link is passed on to others, they directly access the article. It also provides space fro people to post their comments, allowing you to create rapport and build relations with your readers and subscribers.

Like any other website, you will be required to promote your blogs as well. People should want to add your site to their RSS feed or subscribe. Use the blog as a tool to market your ezine. The basic idea is to use the blogs to generate more traffic and lead them to become subscribers wherein they eventually become your clients.