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  Getting started with your ezine marketing campaign  
If you are a business owner, it is essential that you have an online presence. One of the best known methods of promoting your business is through ezine articles.  If you publish an article on an online directory, you instantly create a link back to the search engine and web site. Furthermore, use of the article on the business website, blog or ezine creates more link backs to the site, making it more popular among search engines.

Ezine marketing is very similar to "off line" advertising, except for the fact that businesses place their ad(s) on online ezines. Ezines are said to be the best sources of information for various fields of interest. These are usually free of cost and can be web based, or can be delivered via email. They are usually published monthly, biweekly, weekly, or daily on the basis of how often it is distributed.

Following are certain factors you should bear in mind before deciding upon an ezine for placing your ad.
Number of Subscribers –An ezine article should atleast have 400 subscribers.

Date of Publication – Advertise in ezines that are published on weekly or more frequent basis. You may not want to wait for a month or more than that to see your ad appear in the ezine.

Number of Ads – An ezine should have not more than 15 ads per issue to be considered as a mode for your advertising campaign. If there are numerous ads, your ad may not be visible in the clutter of ads.

Payment Method - Make sure the ezine accepts online payment with the type of card you use.

Ad rates – You should be able to pay the ad rates.

Ezine articles for small businesses depend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) targeted, or keyword rich articles that are to be published with the explicit keywords and original content. This makes for it easier for retrieving these articles from search engines while locating information over the Internet. Meta tags and Hyper-links help in attracting more traffic to the article or web site.

To make this step more successful you ought to publish numerous articles on carious directories. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the articles are popular with publishers and have appropriate keywords to make it easier for the search engines to identify with them. It may seem very tedious, but if you have a huge Internet presence you would have to put in only a few hours of work every week.

Marketing business through ezine advertising is said to be one of the most effectual ways of getting in touch with the target audience. There are thousands of ezine articles on innumerable subjects. Opt for this service today and you are sure to have a long lasting impression on all the prospective and present customers.