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  Leverage the power of Ezine to promote your online business  
Ezine leads the list of advertising options an online business owner can use to promote his business. In order to advertise online businesses and reach out to their target audience effectively, business owners rely on this dynamic tool Ė Ezine advertising!! Typically, Ezines are email newsletters that business owners send to their clients or subscribers so that they regularly receive updates and latest info pertaining to their field of interest. Online communities usually make it a point to read Ezines and everything thatís associated with that particular Ezine. Thus, if you match the Ezine to the kind of product or service you are selling, you can quickly connect to your target audience and spread a word about your online business.

With more than 90,000 Ezines being published each month, itís not very difficult to find the one that best suits your type of business. In addition, Ezine advertising is very cheap and you may expect to pay as little as $5 and $20 per issue for a small five line ad. This amount is hardly anything as compared to the amount of exposure your business will get soon after your ad is published.

Business owners usually place an ad with several Ezines and when responses start pouring in, they are unable to figure out which Ezines were more productive. When advertising through Ezine you need to track your ads carefully so as to know which Ezines got a better response. Once you are able to identify the more lucrative Ezines, you can continue to grow your business and expand your clientele by sticking to those ones.  Ad tracking is possible by appending a code or key at the end of your email address that helps you differentiate the more lucrative Ezines from the less lucrative ones.
A common mistake most business owners make is to place their ad in the wrong Ezine that has little or nothing to do with the kind of business they are in. Thus, business owners selling home furnishings will fail to get good response if they place their ad in Ezines related to home loans. The best way to deal with this is to refer to any Ezine directory and find an Ezine category that best fits your needs. Once you have short-listed a few ads, all you need to do is subscribe to them to see if ads in those Ezines are being repeated in every issue. Repeated ads indicate that the Ezine you have chosen can invoke the desired response and help you quickly develop a list of prospects.

You must however ensure that your ad gets the much-needed visibility to get response. Ideally, choose an Ezine publisher who doesnít favor ads of similar products or services in the same issue so that your ad gets full attention. Some publishers offer discounts for bulk advertising, so grab them and repeat your ads to leverage the power of Ezine for your online business promotion. You may choose to advertise your business through Classified Ads, Sponsor Ads, or Solo Ads on Ezine to reach out to millions of Internet users worldwide.