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  Christmas Holiday Fun For Kids And Adults With Christmas Party Games  

For many family holiday celebrations, the inclusion of fun family games helps to liven up the party and get people laughing.  This holiday why not try a few new games to spice up the party and get the fun started.  Children love playing games and using holiday themed games as a way to liven up the holiday festivities is a great idea.

Christmas Party Games Of Challenge Involve Adults And Children Alike

The Christmas Tree Rip is a fun Christmas party game that uses the person’s physical skills without the use of their eyes.  The game is easy to prepare for, just cut large squares of equal size out of green construction paper.  Each contestant receives one piece of paper.  When the game begins, have players hold the paper behind their back, attempting rip the paper into the form of a traditional Christmas tree.  Contestants cannot peak at their creation until after the timer has been called or the game has otherwise ended.  The trees should be hung up for everyone to enjoy and everyone can be awarded a prize for their efforts.

A popular Christmas Party Game That Is Guaranteed To Increase The Holiday Laughter

The Christmas Gift party game is a fun game to play and while it sounds easy at first, is complete with a few surprises that increase the overall level of difficulty.  The object of this game is to be the fastest person to open a gift that is wrapped.  What the contestants don’t realize is that the package is wrapped with multiple layers of wrapping paper and that they must wear oven mitts, a hat and a scarf while trying to open the package.

Prior to the game beginning, wrap the gift repeatedly with clear tape and duct tape and many different layers of holiday wrapping paper.  Make sure that you have put a prize in the box, something small that is universal to a male or female winner. 

Put the mittens, scarf and hat in a cardboard box and set it in the middle of the room.  Then introduce a dice, a 9X13” cake pan the rules of the game.  Everyone must sit in a circle and the cardboard box containing the clothing sits in the middle. 

The first contestant must roll the dice, hoping to get a prearranged number like “4”, each person gets to roll the dice once and then passes it along.  The first person to get the correct number must grab the cardboard box, remove the articles of clothing from the box and put them on.  Once all items are on, the contestant can begin attempting to open the package.  They get to continue to work on opening the package until someone else rolls the correct number on the die.  At this time, they must remove all clothing, return it to the box and put the package inside, passing the box to the next contestant.  Once the box is transferred, the next person begins rolling while the other attempts to dress and tear open the package.  The game continues to move in this same fashion until someone has gotten the package open. 

This Christmas party game is a considerable amount of fun; you may want to have more than one package and one game available for playing as everyone wants to do it again.