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  Christmas Candles Fill The Holidays With The Warm Glow Of Family  

The Christmas candle offers a warm glow that makes people think of the cozy warmth found at home during the holidays.  It is an ever-present image of warmth, love and security that is found in the shining flame of a burning candle.  The winter months, while cold outside, are filled with images of warmth found at the hearth of the home, candles offer the intense and immediate emotional response that is almost instinctual in most human beings.

A Candle In The Window Is An Irish Symbol Of A Welcome Place To Rest

It is an Irish custom and favorite Christmas holiday tradition, to place a candle in the window to welcome weary travelers who have no where to rest.  This symbolic Christmas candle is a holiday decoration that is reminiscent of the first Christmas Eve when Mary and Joseph were unable to find room at the inn. 

In later years, when the practice of the Catholic faith in Ireland was illegal, this Christmas candle was a signal to Irish priests that the home was a safe haven to rest and conduct the traditional holiday Catholic Christmas Mass.
Christmas Candles Provide Ambiance And Beauty To The Holiday Décor

Ivory Christmas candles surrounded by the glorious greens of winter create a very impressive holiday table or mantle decoration.  These easy to create Christmas Candle displays are often inexpensive and quick to make while looking as if you spent hours in a florist shop choosing the perfect floral décor for the Christmas holidays.

Ivory candles, florist wire, ivy, fir and cedar boughs will make a delightful Christmas candle display.  If you want to add a splash of color, interlace the boughs with Christmas ribbon or place colorful ornaments within the empty spaces in the bough arrangement.

Homemade Christmas “grubby candles” are a popular choice for the kitchen during the holidays.

Visit any holiday bazaar and you will not go far before you encounter a table selling the traditional country Christmas candles often referred to as “grubby candles”.  These delightful country candles offer a beautiful smell and an appealing appearance if you enjoy decorating in a rather traditional country Christmas fashion. 

No matter how you choose to use Christmas candles during your holiday season, always remember to practice safety in your home.  Forgotten or ignored candles are the leading cause of most holiday house fires, so it is important to enjoy the ambiance but do so with caution.