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  Which Diets Are Best to Lose Weight Fast  
For most of us those pounds go on faster than they come off. But which diets are best to lose weight fast? Glad you asked! When it comes to fast weight loss some diets work better than others, and regardless of your diet choice itís important to add an exercise component too.

Itís also important to chose a diet that you can stick to. Thereís no point in choosing a diet considered a fast weight loss program if you canít stand the foods that are in it.

Letís look at some of your diet options others have found useful to lose weight fast:

Scarsdale Diet Ė This is a diet known for its choices, which makes it easier to stick to. Itís also a good choice if youíre the type of person that doesnít want to be going around hungry. Thereís no weighting, counting, or measuring. Just follow the simple menus.

The Lemonade Diet Ė If youíre a person with a strong willpower you might consider this combination cleanse diet.

The Cabbage Soup Diet Ė This is a popular choice for the anyone who doesnít want to be on a diet for more than seven days. Itís cheap and itís repetitive. It works but you had better like cabbage.

The Three Day Diet Ė This is a great way to lose 10 pounds in three days.
What one has to remember is that these while these diets have worked well for many who want to lose weight fast, they donít necessarily lead to long term weight loss if they arenít combined with healthy lifestyle choice. That includes nutritious eating and exercise.

Your exercise program doesnít have to be costly or difficult. A brisk walk that gets your heart rate up, and some weight training right in your living room will do the trick. Resistance exercises are great for toning muscles, as are squats, pushups, and lunges. You might want to add a set of dumbbells to the mix but you can also used cans. Be creative. Of course, for some the gym membership is a way to keep them focused and on track. Whatever works for you. Thatís whatís important.

While diets may start to see the pounds melt away fast, you need to make healthy food choices to enjoy the long term benefits. That includes eating fresh veggies and fruits, good protein such as poultry and fish, and avoiding packaged and processed foods.

With just a little effort you can look and feel better in no time at all. Watch those pounds melt away.