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  Home-Based Part Time Jobs For Extra Income  
In this age of consumerism everybody wants to make some extra income to afford a lavish lifestyle. If you already have a full-time job but would like to augment your income by investing  a little effort and time, you can do so by starting a home-based part-time job. You can find various types of part-time jobs advertised in newspapers, trade magazines as well as on the Internet

If you are truly serious about a home-based part-time job, it is necessary to do a proper research into various types of such jobs available in the market. To go about it in a systematic way first update your CV. This is important for certain types of jobs requiring special skills. For instance if you seek a writing job, getting ready with a resume detailing your previous writing experience would be helpful. If you are hired by an Internet company to write online articles or blogs, you can do such part-time work in the comfort of your own home either before going to your usual workplace or after returning from there.

The other option is trading in various products on a part-time basis. You need not store and stock the actual merchandise as you can tie up with a drop-shipping company and advertise the products as your own. Once you get an order from your client, you can forward that order to your drop-shipping company and they in turn can ship the product to your client on your behalf. This process is beneficial to both of you. This helps you keep your online shop open 24 hours a day. You will only need to check your website before going to your usual workplace or after returning from there. As soon as you see an order forward it to your drop-shipping company. However, if you find the Internet too intimidating, you can try tele-marketing where you can call potential clients from your home and try to rope in new clients.

 If you happen to be a good expert in your industry, you could also explore the possibility of running a consultancy service from your home. This would enable you to meet your clients on a part-time basis where you can offer them your advice. If you do not have any specific skills, you could join a course or workshop to learn the required skills as well as get a diploma or certificate. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a suitable part-time home-based job. Another option is to sell household products from your home without maintaining any inventory. “Tupperware” and “Amway” are two well-known companies that have helped huge numbers of people to start selling their products on a part-time or full-time basis.   
There are various agencies offering data-entry or survey jobs that pay pretty well. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and enter data or conduct an online survey. They are usually legitimate job offers but remember that there are also various scam artists who use the method to get their work done without paying anyone. So cross-check such offers before taking up such part-time jobs.

Although there seems to exist a large number of home-based part-time jobs you should check them out first and choose the job that provides you with a definite extra income without interfering with your regular full-time job. If possible, look for a part-time job that can potentially support you in case there is a serious problem in your current full-time job.