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  How To Save Time In Your Home Based Business  
Starting a home-based business might save you a lot of money in terms of overheads and time normally wasted in commuting. There could however be domestic issues that result in time wastage. It is very important that you have a system in place that will enables you to squeeze the maximum profits out of your time.

Your home-based business should be equipped with the latest electronic equipment. Computers, including laptops, all-in-one printers, mobiles, etc are not very costly, and if used wisely can save a lot of time and labor. You should also purchase easy-to-use accounting and inventory software that enables you to control all your data with ease. You should also buy a hand-held PDA [Personal Digital Assistant] or organizer that links with your computer. This helps you remember all your important tasks even when you are out of your home.

Another important aspect that saves time, and increases your efficiency is to learn to keep your personal and professional life apart. Inform all your friends and relatives that your office hours are only for your business, and in case they need to make a social visit, they could do so after your working hours. Train your children, if any, to respect your working hours. You should hire a nanny or caretaker to look after your children when you are working in your office. Since you might also need to do some of your housework along with your office work, for example, you can visit the mall and your bank in one go. Even when you drop your children to school, use that opportunity to complete one of your office jobs.

Sometimes, you get so involved in running your home that you forget about completing your office work on time. Hence, it is important that you allot a specific time limit to your office work or projects so that you can finish them within the allotted time. Use your PDA to give you timely reminders on pending projects and use a chart to monitor your progress. You can also hire an office assistant to free you from the day-to-day work such as taking incoming calls or going to the bank. This will enable you to save precious time, which you can utilize to contact new clients and improve sales. It is very important to maintain a healthy balance between housework and office work if you need to stay in control of both.

If you are planning to stock up on inventory, then make sure that you store it in your garage or any other nearby dry place where you can access it without wasting time in commuting. This enables you to pack and ship your product without any delay. Make sure that you check your inventory on a regular basis and tally it with your inventory program.   

Thus, the above methods will not only save precious time and money, but will also enable you to efficiently use the tools at your disposal. This presents your clients a professional picture o your business, and helps you to increase your sales and your profits.